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VoIP Gateway

Nuvana Gateway – Carrier Grade Trunk Services

Communicating effectively with your target audience requires flexible and the right technology. We can help you overcome communication hurdles by providing you with the right tools tailored to your unique business needs, goals and challenges – allowing you to stay focused, competitive and agile.

Featured Products

Dialer Platforms

Our predictive dialer platform allows you to connect customer calls as agents become available, increasing call-centre efficiency, performance and customer connection.

Already have a dialer?  Our development teams have completed several integrations with existing platforms to improve or build on existing services.  Extend functionality, improve reporting and realize cost savings using our standalone VoIP gateway.

Nuvana VoIP routing groups have been carefully selected from only the best, top Tier 1 carriers based on cost and reliability.   Gateways can easily be registered on your network and configured for all of your dialer or conversational needs.

Ringless Messaging

Ringless voicemail messaging provides you with the opportunity to deliver information to consumers through voicemail without the recipient phone ever ringing and without interruption This is the only telemarketing channel exempt under CRTC regulations in Canada.

What Our Customers Are Saying

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